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Sahra News 

summary by Louise Shaler
Source: Le Soleil by Idrissa Sane
Original Language: French

Senegal - The recycling of treated sewage for irrigation is an under-used water resource in Senegal, said Director Amadou Lamine Dieng of the National Sanitation Office (ONAS). Jordan, Israel, Tunisia, and the United States all use at least 10% of their recycled wastewater for agriculture, but in Senegal, only 3% of the water produced by the country's sole treatment plant in Camberene is utilized. One major reason is a lack of pipelines to carry it to where it's useful; another is quality. One doctor warned that unless all pathogens and parasites were removed, the wastewater could contaminate fruits and vegetables. Commercial Director Madieumbe Diouf of ONAS said that sales of treated sludge to use as a fertilizer were good, however.