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Source: AllAfrica/Rwanda News Agency/Agence Rwandaise d'Information (Kigali)

22 February 2008
Posted to the web 22 February 2008

FDLR-FOCA rebels have become well-entrenched in the South and North Kivu provinces of eastern DR Congo and have developed diversified sources of financing that can keep them going for years, UN investigators have reported.

The rebels under the banner Forces démocratiques de libération du Rwanda-Forces combattantes abacunguzi (FDLR-FOCA) are said to control mineral rich areas where they massively export deposits for revenue and arms. FDLR is the political arm and the FOCA stand in as the military wing.

According to a report by five experts for the UN Security Council, the FDLR-FOCA control cassiterite deposits north of Lulingu, in Shabunda region (South Kivu), in Nyabiondo, Walikale region (North Kivu), and in Lemera (South Kivu). They also manage gold deposits in Kilembwe (South Kivu).

These minerals are transported to general collection points near the mining deposits. The output is typically transported by road and air by comptoirs (buying houses) to their headquarters, many of which are located in Goma and Bukavu - capitals of North Kivu and South Kivu respectively.

To export the minerals, according to the investigators, the rebels use mainly boats on numerous rivers and particular routes such as Kanvinvira-Uvira-Bukavu-Hombo-Itebero-Kibua and Uvira-Kilembwe (South Kivu), as well as Ishasha-Nyabiondo-Remeka-Kibua, Ishasha-Nyabiondo-Kimua-Kibua Ishasha-Nyabiondo-Kishanga, Ishasha-Nyabiondo-Pinga, Kasindi-Butembo-Lubero-Kasuo, Kasindi-Butembo-Lubero-Kasuo-Ikore-Pinga-Nyabiondo (North Kivu).

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