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This page provides links to related materials from slum mapping efforts in different countries

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  1. Here are some articles by Karishma Busgeeth that describe slum mapping activities in South Africa.

    Paper title: "Potential application of remote sensing in monitoring informal settlements in South Africa where complimentary data does not exist"  (Working Paper)  (PDF of Powerpoint Slides)

  2. There is a recent paper in Habitat International entitled "Using GIS in constructing area-based physical deprivation index in Cairo Governorate, Egypt" by Zeinab Khadr, Mohamed Nour el Deina, and Ramadan Hameda. For more information visit:


  3. Thomas Kemper of the Joint Research Centre (Ispra, Italy), sent the following, based on sessions they organized at the World Urban Forum-5 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, March 2010.

    Presentations have been placed here:

    There is also a website describing more in detail the scientific background and the ‘didactic tool’ that they presented in Rio:

    From the project site you can access the tool or jump there directly using the link below (best with Firefox):