The Office of Business Analysis

OBA Summary

The Office of Business Analysis (OBA) is responsible for the application of economic, statistical, and financial analysis to macroeconomic and cross-sectoral policies, issues, developments, trends, and events. Quantities and data-intensive analytical analyses are used to support the Secretary, the Deputy Secretary and the Under Secretary for Economic Affairs in their responsibilities for the formulation and implementation of economic and business related policies.

Studies are conducted, and reports or papers are prepared by the Office or its Divisions independently or in conjunction with other Departmental or Government units. Results are made available through the Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, for subsequent use the Secretary, OMB, White House Staff, Cabinet Council Committees, other Agencies, Congress, and the public.

The OBA is also responsible for the electronic dissemination of economic and statistical data to the public through the Economic Bulletin Board (TM) and for carrying out the provisions of the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 with respect to the National Trade Data Bank.