TIGER/line 1992 [computer file], the coast-to-coast digital map data base.
   Data. Washington, DC, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Data
   User Services Division, 1993-.

   Alabama -- Alaska/Hawaii (Outlying areas of the Pacific (OAP)/Puerto
   Rico/Virgin Islands -- Arizona -- Arkansas -- California (Monterey-Santa
   Cruz) -- California (Shasta-Yuba)/Nevada -- Colorado --
   Delaware/District of Columbia/Virginia -- Florida (Alachua-Osceola) --
   Florida (Palm Beach-Washington)/South Dakota -- Georgia (Appling-Twiggs)
   -- Georgia (Union-Worht)/Louisiana -- Illinois (Adams-Rock Island) --
   Illinois (St. Clair-Woodford)/Indiana -- Kansas -- Maine/
   Massachusetts/New Hampshire/Vermont -- Maryland/West Virginia --
   Michigan -- Minnesota -- Mississippi -- Missouri ( Adair-Scotland) --
   Missouri (Scott-Wright and St.  Louis City)/Iowa -- Montana -- Nebraska
   -- New Mexico -- New York (Albany-Warren) -- New York
   (Washington-Yates)/Connecticut/Rhode Island/New Jersey -- North Carolina
   (Alamance-Stokes) -- North Carolina (Surry-Yancey)/South Carolina --
   North Dakota/Utah -- Ohio ( Adams-Ross) -- Ohio
   (Sandusky-Wyandot)/Kentucky -- Oregon -- Pennsylvania
   (Adams-Northumberland) -- Pennsylvania (Perry-York)/Idaho -- Tennessee
   -- Washington -- Wisconsin -- Wyoming.

   Extracts of selected geographic and cartographic information from
   the Census Bureau's Census TIGER system, containing data describing
   points, lines and areas on Census Bureau maps and providing
   information on streets, rivers, railroads, and other line features,
   where they intersect and the areas they enclose.

The topological structure of the Census TIGER data base defines the
location and relationship of streets, rivers, railroads, and other
features to each other and to the numerous geographic entities for
which the Census Bureau tabulates data from its censuses and sample

What makes the TIGER extract products particularly valuable to the GIS
environment and the data user community is the direct linkage between
the 1990 decennial census data products and the TIGER data base
extracts.  TIGER's digital description of the Nation's legal and
statistical entities includes Federal Information Processing Standards
(FIPS) codes and the Census Bureau codes so that these can be matched
easily with the 1990 census data.

The 1992 TIGER/Line files are being released by county or statistically
equivalent entity based on the 1990 census tabulation and publication
boundaries.  There will be 3,248 files covering the 50 States and seven
statistically equivalent entities.

The following identification has been added to Version 5:  Elementary
School District Code, Middle School District Code, Secondary School
District Code, Unified School District Code, 1990 Census Urbanized Area
Code, 1990 Urban/Rural Indicator (U/R), 103rd Congressional District

TIGER/Line complete coverage includes:  the United States, Puerto
Rico, the Virgin Islands of the United States, American Samoa, Guam,
the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Republic of
Palau, the other Pacific entities that were part of the Trust Territory
of the Pacific Islands (the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the
Federated States of Micronesia), and the Midway Islands.
(end Introduction).