The Climate and Health ANalysis for Global Education Viewer (CHANGE Viewer) is a free tool that can be used to access, analyze, and visualize Earth science data. The CHANGE Viewer is easy to use and offers opportunities for teachers and students to improve their understanding of the Earth and issues relevant to human interactions in the environment. The CHANGE Viewer also is easy to install and provides capabilities for accessing global data sets to study the environment and the effects of hazards on populations, property, and locations.

Workstation Requirements

The CHANGE Viewer application requires a modern graphics card with an up-to-date driver, JRE 1.6.0, at least 2GB RAM and 30MB available hard disk space.


Click on the link CHANGE Viewer ( ). Two dialog boxes will appear. The first dialog will confirm that you have chosen to download the CHANGE_Viewer.jnlp file. Select the "Open With" radio button and choose "Java Web Start Launcher (default)" from the list box and press the OK button. The next dialog to appear is the Global Climate Change Education Program application's digital signature dialog. Select the "Run" button. If the application fails to start or the first dialog does not have a "Java Web Start Launcher (default)" choice, then double check that your workstation meets the minimum workstation requirements.

Common Installation Issues

The most common deployment issue is an out-of-date graphics driver. To get an updated driver, visit your graphics card manufacturer's web site. This will most likely be either Nvidia, ATI / AMD or Intel. The drivers are typically under a link named "Downloads" or "Support". If your computer is a laptop, then updated drivers are probably at the laptop manufacturer's web site rather than the graphics card manufacturer.

About the CHANGE Viewer

The CHANGE Viewer was developed by the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), of Columbia University and the Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology (IAGT), of Cayuga Community College, and sponsored by the NASA Innovations in Climate Education Initiative. Additional information about the use of the CHANGE Viewer is available at the URL.