Jamaica Bay Water Quality Data Visualization and Access Tool (http:www.ciesin.columbia.edu/jbwq)

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Click “All” to download the ZIP file that includes all the sample measurements from 1909 to 2013, the description of all the measured parameters, and the list of the grouped locations displayed on the map. Files are provided in Excel format and CSV (comma separated values) format.

Select data by parameters, grouped locations, and years. This method selects data for download only: points will not change on the map. For visualization options, select ‘Filter/Visualize/Download’ above instead.

Data rows are selected using an “OR” query among parameters, meaning rows with any selected parameters will be included in results.

Filter data by parameters, grouped locations, and dates; visualize the results of filtering as points change on the map. After filtering, the Data Explorer panel’s Download tab allows the retrieval of all selected results in csv (Excel-compatible) format.

For visualization purposes, data rows are selected using an "AND" query among parameters, meaning all selected parameters must have a value to be included in the results.

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AND/OR select parameters below. Parameter Groups info.
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All downloaded data will include the full set of sampled parameters unless otherwise specified here.

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For map filtering, parameter selections are AND-ed; all selected parameters must have a value. Select fewer parameters for more results. Parameter Groups info.
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Click to select a single point on the active layer (click elsewhere on the map to de-select). Select multiple points by drawing polygon(s) around points or select Grouped Locations with the pull-down list (ctrl+click selects multiple items). Polygon and pull-down list selections may be combined, but selecting a single point via click will remove all other points from your filter.

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