THE WORLD ENVIRONMENT 1972-1992--Two decades of challenge CIESIN Reproduced, with permission, from: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 1992. Health. Chapter 18 in The world environment 1972-1992: Two decades of challenge, ed. M. K. Tolba, O. A. El-Kholy, E. El-Hinnawi, M. W. Holdgate, D. F. McMichael, and R. E. Munn, 529-67. New York: Chapman & Hall.


Two decades of challenge

Edited by

Mostafa K. Tolba, United Nations Environment Programme,

Nairobi, Kenya and

Osama A. El-Kholy, Cairo University, Egypt

in association with

E. El-Hinnawi, National Research Centre, Egypt,

M. W. Holdgate, IUCN-The World Conservation Union, Switzerland,

D. F. McMichael, Environment and Heritage Consultants, Australia, and

R. E. Munn, University of Toronto, Canada.

Published by Chapman & Hall

on behalf of

The United Nations Environment Programme

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