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CIESIN has a diversity of resources it makes available to its users. These resources include CIESIN-created data, services, and tools that reside only at CIESIN, and the resources of third parties who share a common interest with CIESIN who have graciously granted CIESIN the right to make their resources available to CIESIN users as well. In addition, CIESIN provides links to sites worldwide that house data, information and products that may be of interest to CIESIN users.

Because the rights accompanying any particular resource depend on the particular copyright holder involved, you should carefully review the permission statement included under each resource when you are interested in using the resource in any way (other than for viewing) via CIESIN's host.

CIESIN-Created Materials
Users are free to copy CIESIN-authored materials for personal and noncommercial use as long as content is not altered, and copyright ownership by CIESIN is acknowledged. All other rights are reserved. Data, information, and tools residing at CIESIN may be copied. All other rights are reserved.

Third Party Materials Accessible Through CIESIN's Network
CIESIN and its data providers permit users to download and/or copy search results, but not the database itself (or portions of it) that is being searched. With other third party materials accessible through this site, each copyright holder has granted CIESIN permission to post the work on CIESIN's computer network. Any other use by users accessing CIESIN's computer network is subject to applicable copyright laws. Check under the materials you want to access to determine what the rights are.

CIESIN, as a part of its nonprofit mission, is linked electronically to a larger network of national and international organizations with whom it shares data, information, and certain computer tools. CIESIN follows procedures designed to ensure that data, information, and tools residing at CIESIN are of reasonable quality. If, despite these procedures, users encounter apparent misstatements, they should contact CIESIN User Services at +(1) (845) 365-8930 or via Internet e-mail at In addition, CIESIN will notify the original source of any apparent errors, misstatements, or troubles regarding third party resources. Neither CIESIN nor the organizations CIESIN links to guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the data or information provided, or the reliability and functionality of the computer tools provided.

This page last modified: May 07, 2002